How Hard Can It Be To Cut Your Carbon Footprint?

Something that is top of the agenda for many people at the moment is climate change. Climate change is something that has caught media attention after many years of campaigning and slowly protests have been growing in number across the world. In response to this, many governments have publicly said that they will take measures to control the number of carbon emissions being produced by their respective nations. However many households are taking actions into their own hands and seeing if they can cut the majority of their own carbon emissions.

Cutting Your Carbon Footprint

Cutting your own carbon footprint is not actually as easy as many people may make it out to be and requires a constant effort to ensure that you can keep track of how you are contributing to carbon emissions. Some would argue that this is taking climate activism too far and is far too unrealistic to monitor.

However on the other hand many climate activists argue that this is necessary in order to keep track of how you are contributing to emissions and how you can actively reduce them. One way in which you could in theory keep track of your carbon emissions is by purchasing a Carbon dioxide sensor, doing this allows you to keep track of exactly how much CO2 is present and this can be used as a reference as you cut more sources of CO2.

Some of the ways in which you could significantly cut your CO2 emissions often require drastic measures. One of the most obvious ways in which this could be done would be getting rid of the car and potentially replacing it with an electric car leading to more environmentally friendly transportation. The issue with an electric car is they are often considerably more to purchase than a regular vehicle. This is just one of many barriers of pursuing a carbon neutral lifestyle.

Another step that can be taken to reduce outgoing carbon emissions is having a ground source heat pump to replace gas within the property and purchasing an electric cooker. This would eliminate the majority of C02 emissions coming from your property as it would then have heating supplied through a renewable and Eco friendly source.

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction rebellion is self proclaimed climate action group that has seen a lot of activity around the UK over the past year. So of its action has widespread controversy as some protesters walked onto train tracks and tied themselves to trains potentially putting themselves as well as commuters at risk. Another controversial tactic which the group decided to employ was the idea that as many of their members would get arrested as possible in order to spread awareness about their cause.