Making Transport More Environmentally Friendly

Making transport more environmentally friendly is important as at the moment as climate change is thought to be having an adverse overall effect on the earth’s environment as a whole. In this article we will look at the different ways across the world in which transport is being made more environmentally friendly and what effect that this may have overall.

Reducing The Number Of Fuel Powered Vehicles

Across the western world the number of fuel powered vehicles is estimated to drop in the next few years due to new laws to ban these types of vehicles. These laws have been introduced as a response to climate change and globally increasing carbon emissions.

However many car enthusiasts as well as figures in the automotive industries have responded to this by pointing out that fuel powered vehicles are at their most fuel efficient. In addition to this technology has progressed to the point where most fuel powered vehicles can produce little to no emissions at all.

This has led to increased debate around electric cars and why they are being favoured over fuel powered cars overall. Although having said this electric car manufacturers such as Tesla have recorded record car sales and are breaking records for sales as well as overall profits in the car industry overall.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Cars?

In order to fully appreciate electric cars, it is important to understand the overall benefits that they can bring. Here are some of the main benefits that they can bring:

  • Zero carbon emissions thanks to being powered by an electric battery
  • Less costs for fuel/running costs due to being electrically powered
  • No road tax to pay
  • Fitted with new and innovative technology to assist drivers
  • Range of incentives and grants that can be used to offset the initial cost of purchasing an electric car

Overall there are a range of benefits that electric cars can bring. However there are some barriers which are restricting many people from purchasing them. One of the main barriers to ownership is initial price. These types of cars normally cost upwards from £30,000. This price range is fairly high for a new car and needs to come down before they can be truly considered affordable for the average car buyer.

Another initial barrier to electric cars is the overall availability of vehicle chargers. At the moment it may be difficult to source a vehicle charger in a rural area in the UK. Additionally there is an overall lack of chargers throughout the UK.

What Else Is Being Done By Governments?

As well as the banning of petrol and diesel sales of new vehicles in the future there are many other things which are being done by governments in order to tackle climate change overall. For example one major measure which is being implemented across Europe is low emission zones.

These zones only permit vehicles which comply with strict emissions regulations. Vehicles that do not abide by the regulations then have to pay a high tariff or fine for not abiding by the regulations.