Climate Change: What Has Already Changed and What Is to Come

Climate change represents an unprecedented emergency, says the UN. Never before has destruction been so fast, and governments and the international community are failing to tackle the climate crisis. According to the Special Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the destructive impacts of climate change are already visible and the forecasts are not encouraging. Limiting global warming will require limiting carbon dioxide emissions in all sectors of human activity.

Earth's temperature has been rising but the past five years have been the warmest since records ...

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How Important Is Recycling for a More Sustainable Society?

News about the impact of plastics on the environment, especially in the lives of marine animals, is frequent. One of the most important solutions to this problem is recycling.

Some materials take hundreds of years to decompose, so awareness of their consumption, use, reuse and proper disposal is essential to building a sustainable society. Although public policies have a fundamental role in this matter, you can also contribute to changing some habits. The proper disposal of waste and supporting recycling cooperatives are some actions that everyone can do in your community...

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