A Guide To The Pallet Lifter

The pallet lifter is a highly versatile and widely used piece of equipment which is used worldwide in a range of different types of environments overall. It is typically most commonly used within industrial as well as retail environments. Companies such as LLM handling specialise in this form of equipment can can offer a vast range of different equipment to suit different jobs for a variety of different companies overall.

What Is The Pallet Lifter?

The pallet lifter is a device which is used to move pallets and other heavy weights short distances. Often they are used in industrial environments thanks to the wide range of different benefits that they can bring. The pallet lifter is also often used in a range of retail environments as it is constructed to be small and slim meaning that it can be used in far more confined and busy environments overall.

Typically the pallet lifter is used to lift weights of over a tonne. It only requires one person to operate and it can be transported to different locations quickly thank’s to its overall flexibility and mobility overall.

What Are The Main Advantages Of The Pallet Lifter?

There are a wide range of benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of using the pallet lifter overall. Here is a list of some of the main benefits.

  • Affordable and cost effective- This makes the pallet lifter popular with a far wider audience overall
  • Mobility- It is known for being highly mobile and versatile allowing for use in multiple environments as well as quick transport overall
  • Ease of use- This form of equipment can be used easily with minimal training and only requires one person to operate it
  • Not as labour intensive or expensive as alternative forms of equipment and can be used quickly

Other Forms Of Industrial Equipment

As well as the pallet lifter there are a variety of other forms of industrial equipment that can be used in similar environments to fulfil the same or similar roles. One of the most popular and newest forms of equipment that is being used in many locations is the powered pallet stacker.

The powered pallet stacker is a form of pallet stacker which can be operated autonomously. This means that it can be operated without needing someone to manually operate it. These types of equipment are being used increasingly more in large industrial environments as the stackers can work quickly in large open spaces for hours on end without the need for manual input.

One of the downsides of this form of equipment however is the fact that they typically cost considerably more than other pieces of equipment due to their autonomous nature. As a result this type of equipment as a result this type of equipment is predominantly used by larger firms.


Overall to conclude there is a lot that can be summarised about the pallet lifter. It is clearly a highly valued piece of equipment which can be used in a variety of different types of environments. In its field it offers the best value for money as well as overall versatility on the whole.