The Truth About Asphalt Resurfacing

The asphalt surface of a roadway is composed of the thin wearing layer placed upon a ready or pre-existing base. The basic asphalt surface classification is light layer concrete decking or pavements, light asphalt surface types, and bitumen surfaces. The thickness of an asphalt layer depends on the asphalt traffic load, weather conditions, and the types of traffic the pavement is intended to handle. It also depends on how the surface has been treated. We will discuss some common asphalt maintenance tasks and services in this article.

Effects Resurfacing Can Have

When asphalt resurfacing saves time it is called a maintenance repair job. This is especially true when a paving contractor uses the right tools and uses the proper methods for repairing a paved surface. Some of these maintenance repairs include the repair of cracks and potholes, cleaning up spills and errant fluids, filling in cuts, repaving damaged sections of pavement, repairing decorative cracks, replacing cracked tiles and paving over uneven surfaces. These repairs do not take long to complete and do not require the use of heavy equipment.

In order for an asphalt surface to remain looking as good as new it must be properly sealed. This can be done by a professional company who uses a variety of methods including water based insole seal coating, a crack seal coating, a resin based seal coating, a full seal coating, or an elastomeric seal coating. Each of these methods seal the asphalt surface to provide a longer lasting protection from weather and driving elements. There are several reasons why an asphalt pavement should be maintained periodically. They include:

  • To keep potholes from forming.
  • To prevent cracks from widening and becoming larger.
  • To prolong the life of the pavement.
  • Most people don’t think about the importance of regular asphalt maintenance. But if you do, you will realize that it is very important. This will save you money in the long run… read on for information on how to achieve this.

Using A Resurfacing Company

One of the most effective ways through which you can ensure that your asphalt surface is maintained properly is by using a resurfacing company for major repairs. Using a specialist resurfacing company means that signifcant issues on the asphalt surface can be dealt with quickly and effectively.


When asphalt surfaces are properly maintained, the longevity of these surfaces can increase by as much as fifteen to twenty years! by doing the right things, you can increase your roadbed widths by merely increasing the total length of your travel lane.

These are just some examples of why it is important to maintain our roads. Of course, we don’t have to worry about asphalt resurfacing when we have a garage, workshop, or other storage facility. But for those of us who have access to our driveways on a regular basis, we should make an effort to periodically reseal our roads with high quality aggregate sealers and properly maintain them. This ends up being better on the environment as well as being easier on our wallets in the long term.