How To Ensure Your Workers are Sober and Safe?

It is important for employers to recognize the warning signs and take action to prevent workplace emergencies. Regardless of the severity of the problem, substance abuse is a costly problem for any company. Not only does it cause reduced productivity, but it can also result in increased costs, legal liabilities, and worker’s compensation claims.

 To avoid all the above-mentioned risks, employers should make sure their policy includes testing for drugs and alcohol prior to employment, drug testing throughout employment, and consequences for violating the policy. And this is because pre-employment testing doesn’t clear the clouds of fear from the horizon and does not ensure a drug-free workplace. There is a probability that your employees may be using illicit substances after being hired.

Indeed, as the head of the company, you need to find out any black sheep in your herd who can become a threat to other workers and the company’s reputation.

This post will discuss and go into more detail on ways to ensure employees are sober and safe!


Opt For a Workplace Drug-Free Program

Drug addicted employees can be very harmful to your reputation and the overall safety of your staff and that is why it is so important to stay on top of things and anticipate rather than face the consequences.

Drug Test

Conducting the drug test at work is the best and most appropriate way to verify employees who use illegal substances. Since drug addicts would go to incredible lengths to hide their addiction, it is very hard to be sure when someone is a heavy user and requires help and when it is just a coincidence.

In this case, a drug test at work gives a big clear picture of whether the employee is using prohibited substances or not and can help the employer make appropriate changes in that regard.

drug test at work

Noticing the Behavioral Change

An employee has to interact with other workers in the company several times a day. Therefore, if you suspect any of your staff members of drug addiction, you should start paying more attention to their social behaviour as this is most of the time full of cues.

A drug addict will look for places where he can isolate himself from the workplace and will avoid crowded places at all costs.

Violence Activity

Drug addict workers may suffer from depression and experience changes in their behaviour which are most likely of a violent nature.

Consumption of alcohol or drugs in increased measures can change the personality of an otherwise peaceful and kind employee. In addition, they can become violent if they are confronted or suspected of unlawful consumption in the workplace. To avoid violence and fights in the workplace, you should ensure a drug test at work is in place and that all the employees comply with the policy.

Installation of CCTV Cameras

You may have heard that walls have ears, but you need to install eyes on the walls too as you cannot really base your decisions on rumours. therefore it is advised to invest your money in CCTV cameras to be on top of things and to have all the proof at hand when it comes to issues within the workplace.

Efficiency Rate

High levels of drugs and alcohol in the blood make the employee depressed and anxious, which can have a huge impact on their creativity and productivity in general. Therefore, the efficiency rate could also be used when screening the employees for potential addictions, however, this will be still verified by a drug test at work, to ensure appropriate measures are taken and all is done in accordance with the law.

man drinking alcohol

Last Words

Every employer has an obligation to offer a safe work environment for the people he hires. This is easier said than done, but with good policies in place, this can be easily done. Society is full of stress and disappointments so it is hard to understand by looking at someone whether he is generally sad and tired or he is fighting an addiction, therefore opting for a drug-free workplace program is the first step in ensuring your workers are sober and safe.