Things To Know Before You Book A PCR Test Glasgow

We have been restricted from travelling for months because of a rapidly spreading virus around the globe known as COVID-19. And, in recent months, new regulations have been enacted to ensure everyone’s safety while travelling. Now, if you’re planning a trip, there are a few things you should know! Read our article to find out about those regulations, as we will discuss in detail how to keep yourself safe during travel and how to book a PCR test in Glasgow in advance to ensure you are not spreading the virus.

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What Is The Situation With COVID-19 In The Uk?

Case rates started to climb again due to mounting concerns about the Delta variant’s impact. There were 276,718 new cases in the week leading up to November 4. The UK presently has higher COVID-19 rates than other regions of Europe. To verify that you and your family are secure from COVID-19, book a PCR test in Glasgow today to avoid any rush and disappointments before your flight.

There have been more than 9.2 million COVID instances in the UK as of November 4, with 141,607 deaths. The United Kingdom was among the first countries to undertake a vaccination programme, which helped relieve pressure on the NHS. The majority of adults in the United Kingdom have now received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Purpose Of PCR Test When Travelling

Airlines and nations don’t want passengers carrying the virus from one country to another or spreading it inside planes. The PCR test is a very fast procedure that constitutes of a nasal or throat swab taken from a patient, which is later sent to the laboratory for further analysis. The test results are usually received by email on the following day. The swabs are tested in a government accredited lab. You can also book a PCR test in Glasgow when returning back to the UK. The same procedure applies.

Whether you book a PCR test Glasgow in advance or go to a testing centre without one, you can rest assured you will be able to test for Covid-19; however, you might have to wait a bit longer as the bookings will have priority. The in-house laboratory enables testing facilities to provide fast, reliable results.

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Tips When You Are Travelling!

Travellers to England must purchase their arrival tests before departing (Day 2 or Day 2 and 8).

By filling out the passenger location form before travelling to England, you must input your route, contact information, and your UK arrival address. You must also enter the arrival test booking number to complete your PLF. Within 48 hours of your arrival, you must complete this form.

 Things To Consider Before You Book A PCR test Glasgow

  • Ensure the country of arrival accepts PCR tests as proof of Covid-free health state.
  • What is the time slot required for your PCR test to be taken.
  • Make sure to check governmental sources about any updates on travel rules.
  • The kind of medical treatment that’s accessible where you’re going.

What Are The Restrictions On Travelling To The Uk?

All tourists must complete a Passenger Locator Form before arriving in the United Kingdom. The “Red List” is a list of countries that have been considered to have a very high rate of infection.

There are currently no countries on the UK’s red list, although destinations may be added in the future. Residents of the United Kingdom, as well as British and Irish nationals returning from red-list countries, must pay for a 10-day hotel quarantine before entering the country; these travellers must purchase a “quarantine package,” which includes their stay in a hotel quarantine, as well as food and drink.


Many countries require PCR tests on entry. You can book a PCR test Glasgow to ensure your jour journey is safe and stress-free. In our situation today, the most important thing is our health. Doing a PCR test every week is one of the ways to know your health status and ensure the safety of your family against COVID-19.