Small Things You Can Do to Help Save Our Planet

One of the best ways to save the planet is to start being green yourself. Many people feel helpless because of the climate crisis. However, even a small change in behaviour can make a significant impact on the environment. Here are a few small things you can do to get involved. Read this article to discover how you can make a difference! Also, remember to share this article with others to help spread awareness about environmental issues.

Start small

There are many things we can do. And we could start with simple things. Instead of plastic wrap or sandwich bags, try using cloth containers. When choosing a gift, buy native plants, which need less water and pesticides, as well as attract native pollinators. Also, recycle your car oil – conventionally grown hops are sprayed up to 12 times a year – and buy organic vegetables whenever possible. And, if you must wash your clothes, do so in warm water instead of hot. Use a washing machine only when you need to, and avoid leaving the tap running continuously.

Reduce the meat you eat

Meat consumption contributes to the destruction of forests and deforestation. It also costs more than plants. Cutting down on meat and dairy consumption can also help reduce your carbon footprint. Eating a plant-based diet will reduce your carbon emissions and benefit your health. You can also opt for a flexitarian diet, which is a diet consisting of mostly plant-based foods.

Buy local

Buying local goods reduces your carbon footprint and also helps the environment. Similarly, adjusting the temperature in your home by one degree can save 10 per cent of energy throughout the year. Another way to save energy is by using timers for appliances and lights.

Don’t throw away single-use plastic

It is estimated that one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute and 5 trillion plastic bags are used each year. Only nine per cent of this plastic is recycled. Approximately 68 to 219 million tons of plastic waste are already in our oceans. Besides recycling, avoid buying bottled water. Instead, drink filtered tap water instead. Buying reusable items instead of disposable ones will help save the planet by reducing trash in landfills and the oceans.

Use public transportation

Car use also increases your carbon footprint. Using public transportation instead of a car reduces greenhouse gas emissions by seventy per cent for every passenger mile travelled. Another method is to walk or bike to work or school instead of driving. In fact, one-quarter of car trips are under 3 miles long, so opting to walk or cycle instead of driving will lower your carbon footprint and improve your health. By 2050, more people will be walking and bicycling, reducing emissions by up to 11 per cent.